Our portfolio

We manufacture the tools for your extrusion lines - individually and tailored to your needs and requirements!

We manufacture all common types of mold blocks for all corrugator manufacturers (Unicor, Itib, Drossbach, Olmas, etc.).

In addition to the design of the master mold based on your drawing, we can also manufacture mold blocks based on your sample tube.

We design standard and multilayer spray heads according to your requirements and layer structures.

For optimum process engineering and production, we design the nozzles individually and according to your specifications.

Design inclusion of components and new production of spare and wear parts (e.g. run-out cams, drive pinions).

We design disc, sleeve and block calibrations for you perfectly matched to material and a stable extrusion process.

High-quality material and a perfect contour ensure a long-lasting cutting process of our punching knives.

As extrusion experts, we supply you with high-quality accessories for your lines.