Made in Germany!

We provide you with new machines and offer you the full service of a machine manufacturer. In addition to the adaptation of the respective machine to your special requirements, we also undertake the project planning of complete plants - tailored to your needs.


We supply you with modern extruders for efficient and stable pipe production.

  • Customized solutions for customer specific requirements
  • Various configurations and sizes
  • Advanced motors and heating technology for efficient production
  • Designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing production capacity for cost-efficient manufacturing

Tailored to your requirements, we offer the right extruder solution.


We supply optimized and production-proven corrugators for your production.

  • For the production of corrugated pipes from 4 mm - 60 mm diameter
  • Improved cooling and vacuum technology
  • Reduced energy consumption for more sustainable production
  • Variable number of mold jaws to increase your production speed

Optimize your extrusion processes with our high-quality cooling baths and benefit from high quality and energy savings for more sustainability in your production.

  • Fast and precise cooling of extruded materials for accelerated curing
  • Lower energy consumption through the use of targeted and water-saving spray nozzles
  • Seamless integration into existing production lines
  • Tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements

Our cooling baths are designed for durability as well as reliability and are designed for the demanding requirements in extrusion!


Our caterpillar haul-offs, specially adapted to your production, are tailor-made for your requirements.

  • Precise and gentle handling of your pipes
  • Energy-efficient solutions

Caterpillar haul-offs complete your extrusion line and optimize your production.


Our selector belts are equipped with advanced sensors and control systems that enable precise detection and handling of your products.

  • 100% inline length control of smooth and corrugated tubes
  • Process monitoring by means of state-of-the-art camera technology
  • Reliable rejection of n.o.k. parts

Tailored to your requirements, we develop the right control system for your plant.

  • Perfectly networked machine components
  • Intuitive and simple operability
  • Readability via OPCUA

We provide you with the perfect solution for your application at any time.